How the Opportunity Hub helped Larissa* beat bullying

| April 14, 2015

Larissa* was referred to the Campbelltown OCHRE Opportunity Hub by the Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO) at her high school. She told the Youth Advisor that her attendance has been affected quite dramatically due to being socially isolated and bullying. Larissa also said that anxiety affected her ability to concentrate and that she used distractions as a coping mechanism.

Larissa participated in the Opportunity Hub's group workshops over seven weeks and has had an outstanding attendance rate for that class. Three sessions of the program were dedicated to the Managing the Bull Program, which focuses on assisting young people with the coping mechanisms to withstand the damaging effects of bullying. 

'Managing the Bull' builds resilience in bullied teens through games, activities and discussions. In a safe, supportive environment, participants learn to recognise bullying, discover inner strengths, build self esteem, communicate effectively, deal with cyber-bullying, build support networks and use personal protection plans.

Larissa was attentive during all three lessons and participated in all activities that the students were required to do with some outstanding demonstrations and examples.

Since the completion of the Managing the Bull program, Larissa has had a positive change in her character, is spending less time away from school and looks forward to what is to come from her schooling.

*name has been changed