MTC Australia and Holroyd City Council implement local work experience initiative

SEE Program | November 26, 2015

Holroyd Council and MTC Australia have implemented an innovative education and work experience program for local residents who are participating in the Skills for Education and Employment program (SEE).

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program (formerly known as the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program) provides language, literacy and numeracy training to eligible clients aged 15-64. The program aims to improve the capabilities of individuals to move on to further training and increase their chances of employment.

MTC Australia provides up to 800 hours of training, supported by funding provided by the Department of Human Services. Training is over a period of 16-48 weeks. Our classes in Merrylands are tailored to individual needs via targeted training from our highly experienced and qualified teachers in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

The Holroyd Council and MTC Australia collaboration will provide work experience that builds confidence and allow participants to apply workplace skills in a Local Government Workplace. MTC Australia have completed a case study/video on the benefits of Work Experience in a local Government setting.  

Local Government provides a diverse work environment for the students to gain confidence and improve the skills learnt in the training. The work placement is for a week and in that week they work in areas of child care, customer service, development services, public relations, finance and human resources. They gain a feel for how a business works, gain confidence and improved self-esteem to know what they can do. The environment is friendly and they receive support from the staff they are working with and are made to feel part of the team. It is wonderful to see the students leave with more knowledge of what to expect when they go into a business and confidence to progress to the next level of their employment journey. MTC Australia's student, Enas provided feeback that the work experience at Holroyd Council provided her with 'self-confidence' to gain employment once the course was finished.

For more information on this partnership contact Helen Connell on 9840 9840 at Holroyd Council or Dennis Owen 0297386847 at MTC Australia.