National Volunteer Week: Meet our No Interest Loans Scheme Volunteer Prasad

| May 13, 2015

Prasad has been volunteering with our No Interest Loans program since October 2014.
A former Investment Banker, Prasad wanted to make a positive contribution to the community. He was attracted to microfinance and decided to get involved!
He says the best part of volunteering is seeing people satisfied that they are being listened to about their issues, and helping them move forward in life.
“The impact of NILS is significant, as it caters for and helps people acquire, essential items that make life a little easier.
“It’s quite rewarding, it becomes not just about the loan, but more of a bigger picture about making a difference in this person’s life. Through the process, people learn to be more conscious of their financial affairs and what is important to them.”
Prasad is passionate about volunteering and making a difference, and hopes to take on even more voluntary work in the future!