National Volunteer Week: Meet our volunteer Michelle!

| May 11, 2015

Michelle has been volunteering with the No Interest Loans Scheme on Mondays for over six weeks.

The Ashfield resident joined our Marrickville NILS volunteer team because of an avid interest in financial counseling and the desire to work with people to teach them about effective budgeting.

Michelle said the experience has opened up her personal horizons and increased her awareness about financially distressing situations. 

"NILS has opened my eyes. There are so many people that are unaware of the programs available and feel confined to their space. 

"NILS has the power to change a person's situation and gives them the confidence to believe in themselves," she said.

"NILS allows people to have, for example, a brand new product such as a washing machine or refrigerator that's entirely theirs.

"The best part of the role is seeing the clients when their loan is approved. There is so much joy and happiness on their face - it is truly rewarding.

"There is very much an emotional side to this work and you really do feel for the clients, but its fantastic to be able to give them access to things they might have not been able to get on their own."