The 5 Best Transferable Skills

| November 8, 2016

Transferable skills are valuable attributes that you can place on your resume and discuss in interviews when you’re looking for a job. If you have limited or no work experience, then these are the everyday skills that you believe will make you a great addition to the business you’re applying for. In this post we’ll list the 5 best transferable skills you should include in your applications during your job hunt.


Communication skills


Arguably the most important transferable skill is communication. The ability to clearly and confidently communicate is an admirable trait that will always be relevant in any job and any industry. When listing communication skills think about the following;

  • General communication - how you speak to people in person, and how you’d communicate with your team members at the business you’re applying for.

  • Phone communication - do you have a good phone manner? Are you polite, speak clearly and are patient?

  • Age - Do you talk well with people of all ages?

  • Listening - Are you a good listener? Are you able to pay attention to people talking to you without distractions like looking at your phone?

Wherever possible, try to tailor your communication skills list to match the job/business you’re applying for. If it’s a customer service role then talk about how helpful and respectful you are. If it’s a warehouse or logistics role, mention that you can clearly communicate with a team and are great at following instructions.


Time management skills


Time management is a great skill to have and will greatly assist in many activities you’ll enjoy at work. Apart from being punctual to work and respecting your break times, the key to time management is to plan your day as best as possible by listing the things you want to achieve in that day or week and completing them. Creating and completing lists of tasks in a timely manner is of great importance to many roles and hiring managers will always look favourably upon someone that can use their time most effectively; achieving the most results in the least time.


Willingness to learn


One of the greatest attributes you can have is the willingness to discover new things and further your learning. Demonstrating that you have the drive to research new skills and practice them is an exceptional talent to list on your resume. Many roles will require you to perform multiple duties, and generally speaking, the more proficient you become at them the greater your chances of keeping your job and growing in the business.  Every time you encounter something you don’t know about or have not experienced before, spend some time later that day researching it, or talking about with friends or coworkers. It’s a great habit to get into and is sure to impress not only your employer, but yourself as well!


Problem solving skills


No job is without its problems, difficult situations or issues to resolve. The ability to think logically and work towards a solution is a skill that will stay with you your entire professional career. Think about times that you’ve helped to find a resolution, or have had to keep level headed in an unfortunate situation. Problem solving is also a desirable attribute for managerial roles and can offer great career progression if you can do it well.




Last but not least is teamwork. In almost every role you will possess you will be part of a team. Learning to work with different personalities, ages, strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve played in a sports team before then you’ll be aware of how important it is to work together to achieve success. The same can be said for your job. Utilising the talents and abilities of everyone in your work team is critical to having a great time at work and achieving the goals of the business for your employer.


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