Training Partnership to Improve Employment Opportunities

MTC Australia | April 15, 2015

MTC Australia and Parramatta College have partnered to deliver a Certificate II in Business Administration to increase employment opportunities amongst English language students. 
Clients who are enrolled in the Skills for Education and Employment program, where they learn language and numeracy skills, will be able to enrol in the Business qualification and complete the qualifications concurrently. 
MTC Australia Parramatta SEE Centre Manager Nikki Amai said that the partnership is a very innovative approach to training and would be incredibly useful for students.
“The partnership involves two Registered Training Organisations working together to help clients overcome multiple barriers, including Literacy and Numeracy, and complete a Certificate II. 
“Without the support of the SEE program, the majority of the clients would not be able to complete their qualification.
“We look forward to working with Parramatta College to give our students the opportunity to increase their chances of finding employment."