SEE/Learn English

Referring agencies

  • We’re able to take on new students every day
  • We offer flexibility for clients with parenting commitments
  • We produce fortnightly reports on the enrolled client’s progress
  • Eligible clients participate in invaluable work experience
  • We focus on enhancing the student’s employability skills
  • Our facilities are modern and conveniently located
  • We cater to a range of people, including native English speakers, young people aged 15-24 years and Indigenous Australians.

How to refer:

Referring agencies should check eligibility before referring clients to SEE with MTC Australia.

Once you’ve ascertained that your client is eligible, please call our dedicated Customer Service Team on (02) 9793 1088 to book your client in for a Pre-Training Assessment. This assessment will establish your client’s language, literacy and numeracy level, in order to enrol them into a class suitable for their level.

Once the Pre-Training Assessment appointment has been made, please create an electronic referral for the client on your relevant IT system (ESS or ISES).